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Catalogue for online store. Creative director Fashion and lifestyle photographer

Starting point

Each shooting begins with concept development, calculating an estimated cost, agreeing a deadline and drawing up a clear project assignment. This is then used as the basis for the organization of any shooting required, the selection of the team, and all the necessary reservations and approvals that are required. The more detailed and specific the task list is, the easier it is for the team to deliver the result expected by the brand.

Getting ready for the project

To assist client interaction, I suggest filling out the filming brief. Based on that brief, I can have a productive conversation and, in collaboration with you, develop a project assignment. This brief will help me better understand your needs, and it will be easier for you to formulate your wishes. If you are uncertain about filling out the brief then call me. I can then assist you as well as fill it out for you.

Why will it increase sales?

Advertising shooting is my main activity.

 I know the requirements for the catalog and how to correctly submit the goods; 

I work with only one project at a time; 

I fully produce filming for a project assignment; 

Multiple publications in Fashion magazines; 

I strictly follow the set TK of the brand; 

I can create catalogs for the requirements of sites: Wildberries, Lamoda, Amazon, Joom;

 I love my job


In my team there are professional lighting assistants, professional clothing stylists, makeup artists, models who will skillfully present a product in the best possible way to emphasize its quality and style.

Catalogue purpose

Today, as sales are increasingly going through online stores, good visual presentation is the main sales requirement. High-quality content presents the brand as well as conveying the product’s look and feel to the consumer. Dynamic photos allow you to see clothes as they would appear in real life with natural poses and models providing  a showcase for the fit, finish and overall look. Closeups will help you to get a feel for the quality of the fabric and the exact color of the product. Shooting the same clothes on different models (tall, plus size, different age categories) allows the client to inhabit the product as their own.

My team offers clothes, footwear and accessories designers, professional shooting of a catalogue using our database of models. I have been in the fashion industry for more than 5 years and I have a thorough understanding of the requirements and goals that brands have. As an entrepreneur, I think in terms of sales and do my best to produce images that will drive sales, image quality and brand growth. I am different from most fashion photographers as I have the ability to work clearly on a project assignment without imposing my own vision of the product, which in turn allows the client to control the final result.

If you are considering selecting a fashion photographer for shooting a campaign or lookbook, download my presentation with examples of my work and estimated costs. This will make it easier for you to remember me if my experience and vision fits your brand.

Catalogue for online store. Creative director Fashion and lifestyle photographer